About Us

House of George

House of George is dedicated to providing a quality service and developing friendships with clients to last a lifetime. Instead of an in-and-out service, we aim to focus on the clients journey from consultation to finished product.

At George we believe that education is key, and our experienced stylists will walk you through everything so that you can get to know your hair a little better.

We understand that a lot of our clients use the internet and social media to connect with the world, which is why we want to become the leading hair salon on the coast with our online presence. We plan for this website to be your one stop shop for everything hair, as well as great fashion and lifestyle advice (which will be provided in our regular blog posts). Our online presence will have a strong narrative voice to tell the story of us and our clients, as we truly believe hair is a constantly evolving and incredibly exciting world that affects our lives in many different ways.

For us at George, it’s not just hair, it’s a way of life.