Price Guide

Our price list is a starting guide and the prices below are the base rate. Please come in for an obligation free consult with one of our experienced stylists before your appointment for a quote. We like to give prices on a case-to-case basis to provide a personalized service.

Styling: Womens

Cut $77.50
Restyle $90.00

Styling: Mens

Cut $45.00
Restyle $55.00+


Simple $95.00
Complicated $120.00

Foils / Balayage

T-Section $85.00
Half Head $125.00
Full Head $185.00
Balayage – on consultation


Hairline tint $40.00
Global $90.00
Tint Retouch $85.00
Scalp bleach $150.00

Blow dry

Short $45.00
Medium $55.00
Long $70+

Ritual Treatments

Kevin Murphy Ritual $30.00
Oliplex $80.00

Keratin Straightening

Price on application